How we work

We work as small, very senior consultant teams or as individual expert advisors with leaders of corporate, start-up and venture capital fund clients alike, and provide expert advice, conduct consulting projects, build consortia (such as the world’s largest mining innovation consortium) or just connect them into powerful ecosystems. Our solutions to highly complex problems often surprise with elegant simplicity, but not before we went through a rigorous thought process. Because the simpler the message, the higher the acceptance, and the more likely successful implementation.


We develop ideas and concepts and turn these possibilities into realities as design thinkers, engineers, business managers and analysts. We design strategy, business and financial models, as well as commercial, technical and cultural building blocks and integrate them for a better total.

Like architects, we engage with every discipline and at every step of this value chain, unifying all disciplines necessary to tackle:

Technical Feasibility

e.g. Technical due diligence

Customer Desirability

e.g. Customer/ market focus, company cultural transformation

Financial Viability

e.g. Business model design and business case analysis

Top down, bottom up

We uniquely blend big picture business strategy and bottom up design thinking. By considering all stakeholders, we reduce complexity so the solution can be the more disruptive without overwhelming the organization, increasing acceptance and implementation success.

Divergent, convergent

We apply a divergent and convergent design process, additive with creative ideas, subtractive through evaluation criteria. The process provides structure and rigor where classic project management fails because the project goal may not even be known at project start.

Learning by doing it with you

We don’t tell our clients what to do, we make them realize what the right solution is. We don’t hand over a final report that nobody reads, but involve all stakeholders from the start so the solution is embraced and implemented. This may sound messy at first, but it is the only way to implement complex disruptions and in total actually is a lot faster and much more successful than that change management initiative some want to sell you, of which give or take 80% fail.

Custom problem, custom work

We don’t do cookie cutter work. Our work is creative, highly customized, complex and different every time. It is highly strategic and designs top-down architectures, while considering bottom-up context. We hear that is inefficient and not a good business model, and we should train a junior team to repeat already established routines. If more of the same is what you are looking for, we are not for you, others do that better.